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Seeburg's Quadraphonic Mini-LPs

Quadraphonic Rarities and Oddities

An information for Quadraphonic collectors written by Klaus Hoenemann, Dec. 2011, updated in March 2012

Enoch Light - 6 track mini-lp

During my research on quadraphonic jukeboxes I found out that there have been special  singles for the boxes, too. Naturally my interest as collector was aroused immediately. The Seeburg brochure from 1974 has showed, that a whole series of such "mini LPs" have been specifically pressed for the quadraphonic jukeboxes.

The term "mini LPs" has obviously been used, because in some cases there have been pressed up to six songs (three at each side) on the singles, as can be seen in the enlarged scan of the single.

6 track mini-lp


Slip for Ray Charles Single

One can also notice that these records were especially pressed for the jukeboxes, because these slips were included.

I still haven't been able to find out, how many of these special singles have been made. The repertoire is from the ABC Company, Projekt 3 and CBS. Regrettably there hasn't been any productions, which the collectors don't already have on LP.

I've noticed another oddity: Not to much thoughts have been wasted as to whether the singles were recorded in QS (RM) or SQ. They didn't differentiate "Quad" from "Quad" but rather treated them as one system, but the EV-4 decoder that was build in the Seeburg was strictly speaking only EV-4 and SQ compatible.

Ray Charles Singers - Quad Single

Here are some other singles that were produced specifically for jukeboxes:
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Dick Jurgens
Enoch Light - The Big Band Hits Of The Thirties
Enoch Light - Great Gatsby Era
Enoch Light - Big Band hits of The 30s And 40s
Jim Croce - I Got A Name
Sammy Kaye
Jonesy - Ricochet
The Grass Roots
Joe Walsh
Stickers for Joe Walsh

(Thanks to Grace A., who helped me with the translation)

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